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Sonifer Garment Steamer SF-9040

120,000 RWF

SoniferĀ  Garment Steamer

The Sonifer SF-9040 vertical steamer will greatly facilitate the daily care of fabric products, allowing you to put things in order very quickly and conveniently.Ā With a steamer, there is no need for a space-consuming ironing board that requires effort to assemble and disassemble.

The steamer can easily remove wrinkles from clothes, and is indispensable for giving a fresh look to linen, corduroy, pile and other fabrics.Ā Under the influence of steam, the fibers of fabrics do not stretch or shrink, as under the influence of an iron, but acquire bulk, elasticity and initial shine.Ā With powerful functions, the device is easy to use.Ā It can be used for ironing clothes, smoothing out creases, removing dust, odors and sterilizing.

The powerful jet of continuous steam from Sonifer SF-9040 will not leave any folds on your clothes, and thanks to the special racks, you do not need to hold your clothes in your hands at all.



  • Using the steamer, it only takes a few minutes to completely tidy up any piece of clothing.
  • The steamer can be used to disinfect children's soft toys, bedding, mattresses, pillows, upholstered furniture, etc., while effectively fighting harmful microorganisms.
  • It is very easy and simple to handle, powerful steam will start in 45 seconds after you turn it on.
  • Sonifer SF-9040 will take its rightful place at your home, in a sewing studio, clothing stores, curtain and curtain salons, and even in boutiques with soft toys for children!