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Copy of Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

  1. QUESTION : What are the variety of the products that are sold here ?

ANS: We sell groceries, office stationery and different gifts including flowers.

  1. QUESTION : At the time  I  register myself on who  observes my address? 


ANS : Your address is only observed by  a customer care manager so that she can contact you in case it is needed


  1. QUESTION: How can a person shop on Murukali?

Answer :  someone who wants to shop  the products on murukali,  has to pass on our website  , you can also send us your command , simply  by making a list of the products that you wish to buy and  you send that list on  WhatsApp or on SMS. When we receive your order  we notify you with their actual prices , and if you agree, we deliver  the products to you.


  1. QUESTION : If I shop my products on Murukali , what is the delivering duration ?

ANS : The longest delivering duration is 3 hours, which doesn’t mean that you can’t even receive your products in 1 hour , depending on the products that you shopped  and the location  you want us to deliver them to .

- Expedited delivery is available. If you need something next day or urgently, please feel free to contact us about delivery time.


  1. QUESTION : What might happen if you brought the products that I am not happy with?

ANS :  We  make sure that we deliver the products that makes you feel as if you are the one who went on the market,  but if it happens that you are not satisfied with the products we delivered to you,  you return the products to an  agent who delivered those products to you, so that he can bring the other products, and we don’t charge you for that.

  1. QUESTION :, Is there any added  amount  on the price of the products that I  want to shop?

ANS : On the  price of what you bought,  there is a  delivering fee that is added there.  Free delivery are automatically applicable to orders over Frw 120000 and for the institutions by contract.


  1. QUESTION : What are the other services that you provide?

 ANS :  The other services that we provide , are in line with e- commerce . For instance:

For Institutions: We provide also office supplies

For couples: In case you want  to give the flowers to your lover, we  prepare  them and we deliver to you. If you want us to hand them to your lover , you only have to give us the address and after we deliver them on your desired hour.

For mothers who produced :  If you are busy and you wish to give the flowers to your wife, friend, or a sibling who produced a baby  , we help you.  We deliver them to you, or we hand  them to her at the hospital or at home.

For children :  The children who have birthdays are recommended  by their schools to bring gifts so as to share the happiness with their colleagues. We help those children  by delivering those gifs to them  and the other necessary items like fireworks, cake  and many more .

For the people who lost their beloved : We deliver the flowers to be used in burial ceremony. Here you don’t need to go to our website, you simply come on our working place or you call us on 0788525816


  1. QUESTION : What are the benefits of buying products at

ANS :Buying online saves your time and money . For example :

  • Time spent in your way to the market
  • Risk of buying unexpected products
  • High prices due to lack of the bargaining power
  • It ensures you the effectiveness of the products that you bought
  • You don’t need to carry the products that you bought
  • You don’t need to pay the parking fees
  • It helps you to discover the different products with their different prices
  • It helps you to deliver your gifts in an easy way
  1. QUESTION : What are the mode of payments can I use?

ANS :   You have to choose your  favorable mode of payment ,

  • You can use mobile money(  here we give you  the phone number that You can send your payment )
  • You can buy online and pay online by DPO
  • You can use your ATM CARD( here the user has to email us on where we send you a link that enables you to pay )
  • You can send the payment on our bank account
  • You can pay after delivering your products to you
  1. QUESTION : When can I buy and don’t receive my products?

ANS :  At the time you register on our website and you forget to put your correct personal email and phone number.


  1. QUESTION :  Are the people who buy on this website, only live in Kigali ?

ANS : ­- for those who live outside of Kigali, we deliver their shopped products  on Monday and Wednesday.  The delivering fee is 3000 frw , wherever you are located in  RWANDA, and we send those products on  transport agencies.

-  for those who live outside of Rwanda,  We deliver the products that they bought  . Depending on the quantity  and kinds of the products they want  ,  and here we work with post of Rwanda.(NB:  We don’t send the decaying products or those packaged in broken bottles), East African Cargo DHL, etc..


  1. QUESTION : what is your innovation in terms of the customer care?


  • We treat our customers with curtesy
  • We surprise them with free gifts
  • For some days we provide free products delivery

and there is a card that our customers can request , where we make an agreement  that enables our customer  to  pay for the products  at the end of the entire month.


  1. QUESTION :  After shopping online, what confirms that I will receive my products?


ANS:  After your online shopping,  we call you on your personal phone to inform you that your products are well prepared , and that   we are about to deliver them to you . After that , a customer  has  to tell us the delivering location.


  1. QUESTION: In case I need another support regarding the business partnership, who is the right person to contact ?

ANS :  For any additional support  or information  you can email us on   and you attach your official identification , you  can also reach us on our mobile phone +250788293885

Murukali, Market smart.