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Hemani Sweet Almond Oil -125 Ml

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Naturally Occurring Vitamins, Softens And Moisturizes Skin, Promote The Natural Beauty Of The Skin

  • ✅GOODNESS OF ALMONDS: Almonds are a vital source of nutrients and vitamins that benefits your health in every possible way. You can consume almonds every day for good health, great memory, and many more. Similarly, almond oil extracts can be applied to skin and hair for awesome results and benefits.
  • ✅EFFECTIVE SKIN BENEFITS: Sweet almond oil moisturizes your skin deeply and has soothing properties. You can apply it on rough skin and scars. You can also use it as a body massage oil. Cold-pressed sweet almond oil also helps with acne, skin cleansing, brittle nails, and dark circles.
  • ✅HEALTHY HAIR ON THE WAY: Sweet almond oil is cold-pressed to provide all the nutrients it possesses to your beautiful hair. Apply it to your scalp, hair tips, and roots and massage. It promotes hair growth, makes your hair look shiny, and nourishes your hair.
  • ✅PREPARED WITH CARE: Cold-pressed sweet almond oil is made with care for the ongoing health of your hair and skin. With vitamins, nutrients, minerals, omega-3 fatty acids, proteins, and the goodness of almonds, bless your skin and hair.
  • ✅USES: Apply an adequate amount of sweet almond to your palms and apply it to your face. For hair, apply almond oil as required depending on the length of your hair.