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Women's Day Gift Package

30,000 RWF

Women's Day Gift Packages 🌸

This Women's Day, honor the phenomenal women in your life with our thoughtfully crafted gift packages, combining the beauty of fresh flower bouquets with delightful accompaniments, all elegantly wrapped in our distinctive khaki envelopes.

1. The Chic Companion Package: - Featured Bouquet: A harmonious blend of purple and pink blooms, symbolizing admiration and appreciation. - Complimentary Item: A beautiful and quality handbag, exuding elegance and functionality, making her stride with confidence and style.

2. The Sweet Indulgence Package: - Featured Bouquet: An enchanting array of fresh flowers, evoking joy and happiness with every glance. - Complimentary Item: A delectable sweet galette biscuit, crafted with love and care, a delightful treat she'll savor with every bite.

3. The Luxurious Delight Package: - Featured Bouquet: A luxurious bouquet bursting with vibrant hues, radiating warmth and affection. - Complimentary Item: Indulge her sweet tooth with a selection of Ferrero chocolates 16pcs inside box, wrapped in decadent gold foil, offering moments of pure bliss.

4. The Elegant Ensemble Package: - Featured Bouquet: A sophisticated arrangement of flowers, reflecting her grace and charm. - Complimentary Item: A soft and stylish women's scarf (écharpe), designed to add a touch of elegance to her ensemble, perfect for any occasion.

5. The Whimsical Touch Package: - Featured Bouquet: A playful mix of pink and purple blooms, celebrating her vibrant spirit and boundless energy. - Complimentary Item: A charming pouss pouss key holder, a delightful addition to her keys, ensuring a touch of whimsy and flair wherever she goes.

Each package is a testament to her uniqueness and celebrates the myriad of qualities that make her extraordinary. Let our carefully curated gifts convey your admiration and gratitude, making this Women's Day an unforgettable celebration of her essence and influence.