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Hiking Travel Portable Telescope

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Colour: Black
Exit pupil diameter: 3.75 mm
Exit pupil distance: 13.1mm
Waterproof: life waterproof
Material: metal lens barrel + rubber protective sac


Applications: boating/yaqing, sports, bird watching, racing, horse racing, hunting, beach, travel

High-Definition Magnification: The high-definition magnification provides sharp, clear views without distortion, making it ideal for outdoor adventure enthusiasts. With high quality, users can expect the best when using these binoculars.
Adjustable Pupillary Distance: These binoculars are suitable for all ages as the pupillary distance is adjustable, allowing for comfortable use by individuals of all kinds.

Night Vision Capability: These binoculars are equipped with night vision capabilities, allowing you to see even in low-light conditions. With this feature, you'll never miss out on any wildlife sightings or stargazing opportunities.

Portable and Compact Design: The binoculars are small and lightweight, making them easy to carry around in your pocket or backpack. This feature makes them a popular choice among outdoor adventurers who value portability and convenience.

N.B: Do not try to clean the inside of the telescope or try to remove the telescope.