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Portable hand blender-4blades

16,000 RWF

Portable hand blender/ 4blades

How to use:
1.Wash the fruit,cut into small pieces about 1.5x1.5cm(nuclear material,hard,thick skin or hard shelled fruits,please remove it)
2.Put this fruit pieces into bottle,about 60% of the cup,after the addition of water,so that the total volume accounts for about 80% of the cup
3.Make the product inverted,start the switch,and the motor is rotated,then gently shake the product while working,so that the juice would be delicious.
4.The juice is finished,turn off the power switch,unscrew the cover to drink.If pomace is more, please use filter filtered before drinking.


Do not freeze, Do not intended for hot liquids, Do not use in microwave.
Package Contents:
1 x Portable Electric Juice Cup
1 x USB cable


●100% brand new and easy to clean and use.
●Handheld smoothie maker/ Protein Shakes mixer/ Ice Crusher.
●highpower motor.
●Non-slip bottom design.
●304 acidproof stainless steel stirring blade,sh-arp and durable.
●Unique carrying rope design,portable,practical,take silicone material,durable pull constantly.
●Groove design,change the flow of water,the food will f-ocus on the periphery of the knife and more evenly.
● Truly portable and conveniently, makes you blend and drink from the same bottle.
●Enjoy your fruit juice anytime and anywhere.
●A best gift for your friends and yourself, great ideal for home or accessory for Traveling