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Hemani Fenugreek Oil 125ml

13,350 RWF

About this item

  • High concentration of vitamins & minerals - Our fenugreek oil is packed with beneficial vitamins, minerals, and Free-radical scavengers to help support overall health. This oil can be used therapeutically to alleviate digestive issues and promote healthy skin and hair.
  • Reduces tissue swelling and redness - Fenugreek Oil is reduces tissue swelling and redness that helps soothe various skin concerns. It is also known to reduce redness and itching from insect bites or rashes.
  • Improve digestion - Not only does our oil help improve your complexion, but its high Free-radical scavengers levels make it an ideal supplement to aid digestion.
  • Great for hair - Due to its nourishing and hydrating properties, our fenugreek oil is a brilliant tool to add shine, softness, and strength back into lifeless locks! Massage into your scalp to stimulate hair growth and repair split ends.
  • Sizes available - Get our fenugreek oil in a variety of sizes including 30ml, 60ml, 125ml, 500ml and 1 litre so it can suit your individual needs.