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Murukali Solution to Businesses
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Murukali Solution to Businesses

Increase for Business Reach
One of the most significant advantages of selling at murukali is that it takes your business to people where it’s not possible for you to be present physically. By having your products at murukali, you can  to different locations from a single location. you can serve customers all across the country.
Flexible Timings
 As you would be running your business online, you can remain open for new orders and your customers 24×7, which is not feasible in the case of an offline brick and mortar store. So, by having a store at murukali online, you can receive orders 24X7 and never let any opportunity slip away from you.
Search Engine Traffic
 Murukali website is SEO-friendly.
Imagine, reaching out to an audience by going door to door, talking to them or sending messages or Call…it can be a tiresome task. But, thanks to the search engine traffic, attracting people to your business has become much more comfortable. Through the means of a Murukali eCommerce business, you can land well in the search engines and start receiving orders from the customers u wouldn’t expect.
Low Operational Cost:
One of the benefits of having  a store is that you don’t have to straggles with IT Stuff including web maintenance, hosting service, etc Murukali gives you an access to all their infrastructure and start access smooth full and you, you just focus on the growth of your business. This will keep your business operational cost on the lower side. So, while you have access to customers from all across the country, even out of the country.
  • Murukali has unique value of being one of the first made ecommerce in Rwanda
  • Murukali links the Kigali Market to Online buyers
  • Murukali has a high traffic website, friendly use and SEO optimizer
  • Murukali is available on all devices as it has both website and IOS&Android Mobile Application
  • Distribution of the products in whole country and all around the world
  • Deliver goods locally in short time possible within in 2 hours or less
  • Provide the customers a wide range of payment options including Visa, MasterCard, M-pesa, American express, MoMo, bank transfer, cheque, or cash on delivery etc..
          Murukali is an nline store representative of Many industries  in Rwanda.
              -Murukali Gives people easy options to buy from you
             -Develop a very easy system for the seller to list on  murukali platform
             - Optimize the potential market size
              - Marketing our business brand for mutual benefit
              - Dealing with IT  and Operation sides
              - Marketing your business by Including the address of your business to allow people know where you have business , this means that customers will have a chance to get to you easily and We will also include your business products details  to help people understand your products.
In Addition, Murukal digitally present you to the whole world ,  your business will no longer have local people as the target market only.
Murukali market smart  is giving you a chance to show up to the  world.