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How your donation will make a difference?

Dear Supporters,

                                                  Here's how your donation will make a difference:

once you donate, we'll securely keep your address on file. You'll receive regular updates and a final report detailing how your contribution has impacted the lives of courageous women entrepreneurs in Kigali. At Murukali, we prioritize transparency and integrity in every action we take.

The donation deadline is set for May 30th, 2024, and we encourage your participation before this crucial date.

Our proposed budget for this initiative is 5 million Rwandan francs. 


Your donation isn't just a simple act—it's a transformative gesture that has the power to change lives. Join our donation community today and become one of our honored supporters.

Together, let's create a future filled with fulfillment, happiness, and gratitude.

Thank you for your generosity and support.

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@Murukali Team