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Ariel washing powder brilliant stain remover 3,5g

9,000 RWF

Ariel washing powder brilliant stain remover 3,5g

Ariel hand wash original synthetic detergent provides long lasting fragrance and deep down cleaning to deliver an impeccable experience, the new & improved ariel gives you tough stain removal for a bright clean and long lasting freshness in just 1 wash, and is specially designed with semi automatic washing machines and handwashing in mind. So now, goodbye stains and dullness. Even if you wash all garments by hand, even non delicate, machine washable items ,you still need a detergent that’s suitable for hand washing. You need something that will get the stains out of your garments, easily, even without the agitation you’d get in a fully automatic washing machine. This means you need a detergent for hand washing clothes that removes stains and odours, and gives you powerful cleaning results.



  • Prevent your coloured clothes from fading with Ariel’s colour protection technology.
  • Delivers outstanding results when used in semi automatic machines and also when used as a handwash detergent.
  • Brightguard technology keeps your clothes bright wash after wash.
  • Cleans deep down and leaves long lasting freshness.
  • Provides impeccable cleaning for all your clothes thanks to its cutting edge technology.
  • Removes tough stains like juice, chocolate, tomato and butter/ghee.


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