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                         Doesn't your institution ever plan events and need to purchase various items to be used? Is it in a way stressing, to go through all these shops and market for only one event, and end up not finding what you need at a price that favors you?  Do you ever sit in the office and realize there are certain products you need and you have no time to buy them? Well, we are here to help you in such situations.

MURUKALI  is a reliable online store that allows people to save precious time by offering an extensive range of high quality products all in one place and by delivering them directly to their doorstep.

We supply office basics (Papeterie), Cleaning Products and Consumables like Teabags, Coffee, Powder Milk, Sugar, Mineral water etc

Whenever you need fast delivery services think of us. Murukali has fast delivery services, for any quantity and type of product whereby we deliver in less that 3 hours.

The benefit of becoming our potential customers as an institution is that

- We don’t charge for delivery.

- We have different sized vehicles dedicated for only delivering to our customers.

- Join the network of our clients who are assured of prompt delivery and have in turn decided to work with us. 

- Nothing ever reaches our customers defected, because we ensure that products are packaged to reach you in a safe condition.

For the client's consideration, Murukali shares the price list, RRA non clearance form, RSSB certificate, Trading licence, Recommendations from our previous customers and any other document may be required. And Hopping that we  offer the best price with smart  delivery & Packages. As we always wish to make an effort to give the products of good quality on low prices. Our prices include VAT & Free delivery.

And We have served various institutions and here below are some of them.