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Whenever you buy from, someone else does a happy dance

Whenever you buy from, someone else does a happy dance

As our mission is well defining,

We at murukali, Strive to make shopping easier and more accessible to everyone and To empower local businesses in penetrating the online market.

Murukali has partnered with many local sellers in order to make a positive impact social economically.
A huge number of sellers who operate in Local market  are women and Youth, who  might even don’t have enough capital to expand their business. for that reason  Murukali is devoted in empowering Women and Youth financially so We help them to increase their sales through buying their products , and to make them available to the customers who aren’t able to come in the market. Mostly they sale their products for those clients who are able to come in the market but Murukali, online market helps them to make those products even available online .
Whoever who is buying on is helping this seller who is selling his products in these Kigali Market which includes Kigali City Market, Nyabugogo, Nyamirambo, Kimironko Market and in different area of Kigali
We also work closely with supermarkets and importers that have quality products.
Some of the barriers these local sellers face include the loss as a result of  lack of expected number of  clients , and this  affects their products to get destroyed.  There are distinct factors that affect the number of customers who come in the markets including, the heavy rain, traffic jam, personal availability, etc… 
so Murukali has developed this strategy  to help these  women to overcome these barriers .
And For manufacturers who can’t afford to pay television and radio commercials ,We support them to advertise their products on Murukali platform , and to display their products on our online store for the clients to notice and to  buy.  
Kigali online market. is basically operating in Kigali City which positively affects both sellers and clients.
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