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How Does It Feel To Shop For Customers?

How Does It Feel To Shop For Customers?

"It is a privilege for being trusted by customers to Shop for them." Paul, Shopping Team Leader At Murukali. 

 Murukali is an e-commerce platform that was founded in 2015. It was the first online grocery store made in Rwanda and later evolved to be a market place. Since 2015, they have been shopping for customers which made shopping easier and more accessible to everyone. In fact, for now it is possible for the customers to buy different items from different sellers without any single movement and receive their orders as a single package. This means that a customer can buy groceries, electronic appliances, beauty and care products, office appliances etc. and receive all items as a single order.

Moreover, there is a lot of energy dedicated to e-commerce to provide satisfying service that exceeds the expectations of customers which requires to use high professional teams to ensure and maximize the excellence in services being delivered to the customers. Shopping Team is among above teams that work tirelessly to serve customers beyond their imagination.

Today, we had a chance to hear from Paul MUGENZI, Shopping Team leader at Murukali. He reflects on his remarkable 4 years’ experience leading shopping team. In his reflection, we learned a lot about his responsibilities from working with local sellers to provide best products to the sorting and packaging activities that helps the customers to obtain their orders well packed.

What is Murukali shopping Team?

 As the other businesses, Murukali helps the customers  to shop what they  need without coming to the  market. To make this possible, shopping team  which is made of both females and males was established and it is trained and experienced in shopping activities on behalf of the customers.

"We work hand in hand with local sellers and challenge them to provide best products for the customers. As shopping team, we check the quality factors especially for food stuffs like fruits and vegetables including checking maturity, firmness, the uniformity of size and shape, the absence of defects, skin and flesh color." In fact, a seller can decide to bring the items that we requested to our store or go there, select best items and bring them to our store for packaging. A part from groceries, shopping team inspects or test appliances and other items to ensure their utility before sending to the customers.

Tell us more about your responsibilities?

As shopping team leader, I am specifically responsible for double checking all orders from items themselves to the package before being delivered to the customers. I work closely with shopping team members while sorting the items, and whenever an item is suspected or doubted, we replace it with best one. I also work together with my team to pack items in a way that they reach a customer while still in a good condition.

What are the impacts of your role to the customers and company?

Absolutely, yes. E-commerce is built on customers’ trust and satisfaction, and you can’t satisfy customers or earn their trust without meeting their expectations. Therefore, my role as shopping team leader contributed much to this trust and customers’ satisfaction. It is unusual to receive complaints from our customers regarding the quality of products they received. As mentioned earlier, we work tirelessly to satisfy our customers and even exceeds their expectations. Importantly, I, myself learned that it’s a privilege to have such trust from the customers to shop for them. They trust us and we never think of deceiving or betraying their trust. In addition, our shopping team helped local sellers to improve the quality of their products. 

 What recommendations can you give other young generation? 

E-commerce provides good opportunity to young generation. I strongly benefited from this selling model. I learned more about customers preferences, negotiations with sellers while shopping for customers, products inspections, and customer care services especially when it comes to gifts and surprises. On the other hand, I also thank customers who have given us their trust to shop for them. I always remember that its a pleasure but also my responsibility to serve them at uttermost.  To this far, my shopping team and I will continue to learn how to serve you excellently by always ensuring best and fast service, and I recommend other teams with similar duties and young generation to do the same. 


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