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E-commerce is the reason I am still in this business and happy - A You
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E-commerce is the reason I am still in this business and happy - A Younger Grocery Seller From Kigali City Market

E-commerce is the reason I am still in this business and happy - A Younger Grocery Seller From Kigali City Market

Are you a local seller thinking of expanding your business and reaching many customers? This inspirational Thank Note from Theoneste Ndayambaje, a young man selling groceries online may reflect you and your needs. 

I used to think that having quality products was enough to be successful in my career. I used to buy products, but fail to sell due to the limited number of customers who could reach my store. It was challenging and frustrating. Miserably, I started to lose my hope but they retained and kept my business alive. However, Murukali as E-commerce platform has all it takes for you to effectively reach your customers wherever they are. They approached me in their initiatives of supporting local sellers who can’t afford having online presence for reaching their customers and this support I received is the reason I am still in this career and happy. 

At first, they helped me to showcase my products to the world. I normally sell fresh fruits such as mangoes, apples, avocadoes, oranges, and water melons. Therefore, I thank Murukali for helping me to have a digital (online) presence which I couldn’t afford. For now, customers worldwide can see my products on website and place their orders using the same platform which help me to sell my products widely than I expected. Most importantly, I came to notice that there are many people, Rwandans and non-Rwandans around the world who shop for their friends and families here in Rwanda especially gifts and family packages which includes fruits and vegetables, and I benefited much from serving such customers. This is a blessing to have a partner who understands you, customers and connect both of you as well as making it easier to the customers to purchase from you. Today, I serve a big number of customers through the website and again, I serve other customers at my store which is beyond my wishes and expectations. 

Selling groceries especially fruits and vegetables isn't easy as they spoil very quickly compared to other perishables. Therefore, it requires the seller to to have enough customers to consume them all to avoid that spoilage which is not easy for local sellers to have such strong connection with big number of customers. You just seat in the market and wait for the customers who come with a willing to purchase. But, that's different experience when selling online.  I receive many orders from which has increased my productivity and helped me to expand my business. In addition, I am able to know what is mostly needed on the market which informs me about items that I need to provide in large quantities to avoid wastage.

I can’t explain how thankful I am for being able to serve my customers online. However, local sellers need to know that high quality products are highly demanded and required to meet customers' satisfaction. This is another advantage. They challenge you to find the best of the best in order to satisfy the customers which build your name on the market. I am happy that for now I know and use e-commerce in my career, and I would like to take this opportunity to strongly recommend other local sellers to start doing the same.  

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