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Murukali is a Kigali Online Market that was founded in 2015 to facilitates people to buy groceries and more  without moving around.

The idea came to me first, When an unfamiliar incident happened at home. I was with my new-born baby at home and expecting the house girl to bring food for my baby, and to my surprise the house girl had run away without informing me. I was completely frustrated since my baby was hungry, and there was no one else at home to help me. I definitely couldn’t leave my baby at home, and also taking him out in the cold of the night was not a good idea.

While struggling to find a solution, It struck me that, till that day, there was no online store for groceries in Rwanda. I then thought of the many countless people who surprisingly find themselves in the same position of helplessness. I then realised that this was another loophole in the Rwandan market. I decided to take up this responsibility.

At first, I put a website online with all the groceries an average house would need. In my first months I was faced with a lot of criticism. However, time has proved that this was a service that was needed by many and our business has been expanding since then. 

In a period of 5 years we have managed to increase our staff and create a stable client base. From a one-day period of time for delivery to just 3-hours maximum delivery period. We have seen tremendous improvement, and in the process we are giving local sellers the opportunity to trade with online buyers. From a young mother who couldn’t get food for her baby, to an entrepreneur that is empowering and helping other mothers shop for their families. 


Yvette Uwimpaye

Founder @murukali.com

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