They make easier for your customers to purchase from you. A Story with Skip to content
They make easier for your customers to purchase from you. A Story with  Young Farmer

They make easier for your customers to purchase from you. A Story with Young Farmer

How Does it feel to work with Murukali?
Bacamumihigo Jean Claude is a local poultry egg farmer and supplier based in Bugesera, Rwanda.
He reflects on his business before starting to work with Murukali and the life changing story after starting being an egg supplier of Murukali. His story and other untold stories of local suppliers reveal the impact and benefits of working with Murukali. 
Jean Claude started poultry egg farming in 2019. He started small with a vision of growing his business from one district of the country to the entire country. The year of 2019 was good for Jean Claude and very promising. He had 3 potential customers who used to purchase almost all his egg production. However, the outbreak of Covid-19 Pandemic brought down many small and medium-sized enterprises and start-ups including Jean Claude’s poultry egg farming. “I was totally confused and frustrated. It was only two months before the Pandemic outbreak when I started to supply eggs in Kigali city Market. Many businesses were forced to close their doors which left us with none to supply. I didn’t know about Murukali and how they work. Unknowingly, Murukali started working with local sellers to help them sell their products using their online platform ( to support them to fight against the disastrous outcomes of Covid-19 Pandemic  on their businesses. I was having a small egg store near their store in Kigali City Market. They started purchasing eggs from me, and later we discussed supplying them eggs on a regular basis. That’s where our exceptional business journey started. 
Murukali had many customers with great egg demand. Merrily, Murukali allowed me to supply eggs for all those customers. I remember that there was a time Murukali was like the only remaining customer to supply my production. But, they were ready to receive and sell enough eggs for me to continue working. All in all, Murukali is the best and potential business partner I ever had as a local supplier not only in the midst of covid-19 pandemic, but also presently as we are recovering from the Pandemic. Currently, I only struggle caring about my farm and how to expand it, but I no longer worry about how to sell my produce because I have a trustworthy partner who makes it easier for my customers to purchase from me.
What Message Can You Give Other Local Supplier?
If you are a local supplier or seller worried about how to effectively reach your customer more broadly or expand your market to larger and international markets, you should consider working with Murukali. Your business will be more accessible, but importantly, Murukali makes easy for your customers to purchase from you. 


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