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Gutwikurura Package-Premium

633,130 RWF

Gutwikurura premium BRIDAL PACKAGE:

1st class package


(2)25kg Tanzania Rice, (1)Jambo rice 5kg, (50)Kinigi Potatoes/KG, (30)Green babana/KG
(2)chicken (inyarwanda), (1)spagheti /CART, (1)Macaroni/cart
(1)maize flour/5kg, (30)beans/kg, (2)Kinazi Cassava Plant

Cooking Aid

(4)sunflower oil/carton, (1)salsa/carton, (25)cube magi/CART,
(5)salt/KG, (1)1pack max watches, (1)US mayonnaise/pc, (1)US ketchup/pc,
(1)crystal vinegar/pc, (1)big royco michuz/pc, (1)Olive oil/L, (2)Peanut flour/KG,


(2)color bell pepper/PC, (1)Garlic/100g, (5)poivron/PC, (3)Carot/kg ,(3)Red onion/kg
(3)tomatoes/kg, (1)peas/kg, (2)cucumber/pc, (1)Aubergine/kg, (1)white Onion/kg
(1)cabbage/pc, (1)pumpkin/pc


(4)Oranges/pc, (4)green apple/pc ,(1)pineaple/pc, (1)sweet banana/kamara
(1)gros Michel/pc, (1)Watermelon/pc, (1)tamarillo/kg, (1)passion fruits/kg
(1)grapes/box, (1)strawberry/box


(1)Nido original/pc, (1)brown eggs/box, (1)margarine /500g, (1) 500g ABDC honey/pc
(2)Rwanda tea bag/pc, (1)nutella/pc, (2)baguette-bread/pc, (1)corn flakes/pc (4)sardines/pc, (1)ovaltines/400g, (1)nescafe/200g
(1)Tea masala/pc, (1)nezo table salt/pc


(50)Sugar/kg, (2)Agashya passion/pc, (6)Inyange juice 1L
(12)Inyange milk 1L/pc, (1)nyange water 500ml/cart24pcs


(1)Tembo/cart, (1)5kg sunlight, (2)axion for dish wash/pc
(2)liquid soap /5L, (50)SUPA Toilet Paper/pc, (4)hand soap/pc
(4)VIM/pc, ( 2)bloo for toilet clean/pc, (2)glade air freshener/pc
(2)window clean big/pc, (2)dish sponge/pc, (2)simba sponge/pc
(1)1sta soft 5L, (1)white Jik/pc, (4)colgate /pc, (1)straws/pc
(1) cling film/pc, (1)aluminium foil/pc, (2)kitchen towels/pc, (1)mini-mushito for fruits/pc, (2)white napkins/pc

Bonus : will rent uduseke 6 and inkangara 4 for free. you will also enjoy free delivery to the gutwikurura place  and get the gift of the bride for free.

The excel file is available for editing!