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Murukali's response to #Covid-19

We greet you and hope you are all in good health.

At Murukali, we are still engaged in the fight against #COVID-19. We are still taking measures to help flatten the curve. As you may have noticed, we have created a highly efficient platform in terms of user interaction and convenience on any device.  

We want to inform our clients that we have significantly reduced the price of our delivery services by 15%. We are also reducing prices on any possible product since we have partnered with  many different producers who helped us stock for your needs. We have always been flexible when it comes to our customers' needs. Some clients have even requesting for specific items, the kind of avocado they want, the place we may find their orders,  some of which we never sold before like a case of beer :).
Therefore, we ask you to be free and ask what you need and we will try our best to satisfy you. Also, we want to inform you that we are constantly updating products on our platform. Stay on the look for your favorite products.                                                                                                      
In the beginning of the pandemic we faced issues in terms of delivery time due to a drastic increased number of orders.  Therefore, we have decided to increase the size of our team to ensure fast delivery. Now, we have managed to go back to our 3hrs delivery rule.

We would also like to remind suppliers and  producers not to sit back in fear of loss, but to take this opportunity to promote and showcase your products to the world and make them available for your clients
Lastly, this is a friendly reminder to follow the guidelines of the government by taking full precaution.

We hope you stay safe and healthy,