About us

Murukali is a reliable online grocery store that allows people to save time going food shopping by offering an extensive range of high quality produce all in one place and by delivering it directly at their doorsteps.

By making shopping easier and more accessible, We are determined to save people time and money while providing them easy access to affordable goods when they need

This online market is useful for busy people, For Organizations, for new residents In Rwanda, do not know where to shop for necessities. It facilitates them also to get fresh and good products from suppliers yet without much time to reach the markets

Given the location of murukali, there is an added advantage of accessing fresh food. With a store in place, We are able to serve clients for online but also set an offline shop where walking customers can buy from murukali.

Products are delivered 3 hours or less after ordering, and Payment is made after having received the products.

market smart.